5 Easy Ways to Beat a Urine Drug Test

It can truly be jaw-dropping if you receive a short notice to undergo a urine drug test after a weekend of heavy smoking. Many things may be running in your mind on how to pass the test in such a short period to get cleansed of the cannabis out of your system.

For sure, you know that traces of cannabis can last in the system for a couple of weeks. Don’t plan to make excuses on a failed test. It has not been successful in so many cases. Instead, act fast and do the following. They may help you out of your present predicament.

Go for a Tried and Tested Detox Drink

Detox drinks are generally made from well-known natural ingredients that help detoxify the liver and kidneys. If you have not tried one, finding reputable websites and reading their review of QCarbo32 and other detox drinks will help you identify the most potent detox drink out there. Individuals who tried detox drink swear that they are effective in removing weed toxins as long as you follow the instructions strictly.

Increase Your Fluid Intake

The most natural way to cleanse your system of weeds is to increase your water intake. Fill your bladder with water every time you drink. Water can help you flush out toxins as it will help you to urinate more often. This may work when there are more days to wait before your scheduled testing. On the day of your test, drink more. It will dilute your urine even more.

Acquire a Potent Diuretic

A diuretic will help you eliminate body fluid by urinating more. Caffeine and fruit juices are diuretics but may not help during this time. You need some more potent diuretics, but they may only be bought in pharmacies. The most potent can also be procured with a physician’s prescription. Be careful because strong diuretics may cause some side effects.

Avoid Salty Foods and Stress

Lessen your intake of salty foods if you cannot avoid eating them while preparing yourself for a urine drug test. Salt causes water retention, and you may be negating the effects of the diuretics.

For sure, despite all the things you are doing, there will still be traces of cannabis in your system. Avoid being stressed as THC that is still embedded in your fats can be activated.

Include Vitamin B12 and Aspirin

Very clear urine samples may raise suspicion. By taking vitamin B12, the color of your urine can become golden brown, as most urine looks like. Taking a high dose of aspirin can also decrease the sensitivity of the urine test. And if you have the choice, avoid going for a urine test in the morning. Metabolites, including that of cannabis, gather in your urine during sleep.…

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